Your organization is leaking private data

User-installed browser extensions track and sell sensitive browsing data.

Extension Monitor helps IT and Security teams track browser extension installations in real-time.

The Problem

Users Provide Excessive Permissions

Extensions request excessive permissions from your users like visibility into every URL they visit. Ugh, users.

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Browsing History Gets Sold

The companies behind the extensions sell your users’ URL visits. Even legitimate looking extensions have privacy policies allowing them to sell your data to unknown actors. It's shady.

Sold Browsing History Leaks Private Data

Security concerns are compounded by insecure SaaS apps or homegrown tools that expose personal information, trade secrets, or access tokens in the URL. It's quite a lot.

How it Works

You install our agent

Install our agent on your users' Mac and Windows machines


We determine the threats

Our threat intelligence engine analyzes your users’ extensions


You remediate issues

Get a real-time dashboard of extensions and threats.

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